.....by Filly


  • a refrigerated pizza crust dough (ie. Pillsbury) or make your own
  • pizza sauce
  • assorted cheeses: mozzerella, provolone, romano, parmesan, cheddar, asagio, etc.
  • pepperoni or your other favorite toppings

1) Unroll and stretch pizza crust in a circular shape over a cornmeal sprinkled pizza pan, extending 3-4" beyond edges.
2) Place pepperoni or other toppings around in a circle 2-3" INSIDE of pan edge. Smother circle with an inch or two of cheeses and 8-10 tablespoons pizza sauce.
3) Fold dough edges alternately from outside of pan to center, overlapping and pressing firmly in center to seal.
4) Bake at 425 degrees, 15 or so minutes or until done.
5) Brush top with melted butter, sprinkle with garlic powder, parmesan cheese and parsley.



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