As part of my learning experience developing web pages, I have visited MANY helpful sites along the way. This page is here to thank the authors of those pages, in some small way, for all the work THEY have done, in helping me navigate this never-ending information highway.

A few words in general about my pages: Anything not credited directly, either here or on these pages, is assumed to be public domain, or possibly, I have lost where I got it from. If you see something on my pages that you think is NOT properly credited, or is NOT public domain, please drop me an E-MAIL so that I may attend to the problem. I know how much work goes into building web pages, and making great graphics, and I would not intentionally swipe something that someone didn't offer as free or available on their pages.

Enough about all that, now on to the specifics:

ALL banners on these pages contain links that lead DIRECTLY back to their source, the official originator of the page, or content directly relating to the images on the banner.

Clickable LINKS on these pages are here with the kind permission of the owners of those pages, and yes, I have it documented -- in most cases, I have a printout of the confirming e-mail received in reply to my request to link to them, or if you look in my guestbook, the permission can be found right there.

AWARDS posted on my pages have a direct link back to the giver of the award, unless the giver has moved their pages and forgotten to send me the new URL. Since they saw fit to honor my pages with the awards, it's only fair that their pages get a little free advertising !

Page Backgrounds & Graphics: I'm ALWAYS looking for exciting theme sets !! All sources are credited on each page, but here's a quick listing of some of the links for you:

Graphics By Ayzha
Graphics From CatStuff
Graphics From Beware Of Cat
Wolf Graphics
Lee Ann's Backgrounds
Design By Alexandra
Christine's Creations

HOLIDAY PET PROTECTION graphics came from:
Pawprints and Purrs

You can get your own FREE SEARCH BAR from:

You can get your own FREE WEATHER BAR from:

Other quick links to banners found on main pages:

Stopping Spam Abuse
URL Redirection Service
Viewable with ANY browser campaign

I use LEGALLY purchased Photo & Clip Art CD-ROM's for some of the backgrounds made by me. I have a friend in Florida who takes wonderful beach and sunset pics for me. I also have an Alaska friend that I swipe northern lights pics from, laughing.

Music comes from several Midi sites, including:
KWest Productions

I was trying to trace the source of the Java Lake Applet I use, the original bookmark was lost when my Netscape crashed, sigh. I finally found it HERE !

Most of my forms and other utilities come from :
Java Goodies and Java Boutique.

Some page headings and word banners are made from Bryan Livingston's

LAST, but most certainly not LEAST, are two of my best buds. And here is a little plug for THEIR homepages, grin:

kriter who introduced me to the old Commodore 64
back in 1985, and taught me the difference between a keyboard and a surfboard.......


Mark C.
who is chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party, web master pro, who, BY MUTUAL CONSENT, steals stuff off my pages, and I as well, from his -- we, err SHARE resources...... and who shreds into little bitty pieces every page I put on this net apart, until it is perfect......or as close as HE can make me make it.....sigh

Thank you for the kicks in the butt, guys....hugs !

(Watch out though, boys, for the KICK back....laughing !)

If I've missed anyone or anything, please feel free to E-Mail me and I will get it fixed ASAP.


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