.....by Filly

".....This spread is WONDERFUL used in place of butter on garlic bread....a very distinct & tasty addition !!"


  • 1 lb. butter or GOOD margarine, I.E. ICBINB
  • 1 cup finely snipped chive blossoms & new spring chives

1) Let butter or margarine sit at room temperature until soft.
2) Thoroughly wash chive blossoms & new spring chives.
3) Snip blossoms & chives into very small pieces. I use scissors.
4) Mix thoroughly into butter or margarine, stirring until evenly distributed.
5) Store in refrigerator until ready to use. Can be frozen as well.


1) Excellent on French or Italian garlic bread, especially if you sprinkle
Mozzerella cheese on top.
2) Excellent melted over broccoli or asparagus.
3) Even better melted & used to dip artichoke leaves.
4) Also great on broiled or grilled fish & chicken.



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