....Bri, you left us much too soon......

Every now and then someone touches our souls and our hearts,
And shows and reminds us the true meaning of the word "friend"
More often than not, all too soon they have to depart
Such is the story of our dear Jadawin

Some knew him but little, some knew him well,
Others knew only as much as he cared to tell
His friendship had no limits, his caring had no end
I for one was truly blessed, because he chose to call me friend.

When I heard the news, I cried "NOOOO!! Oh, Please, God NO !!!
I guess we're never ready, to let a dear one go....

Why are the ones who shine like stars so bright
Taken from us so soon by God's all-consuming light?
Perhaps it will help to know this......he isn't really gone
His words, his songs, love & laughter, in our memories will live forever on.

Bri, Your time with us is over now, you're in a better place
I know you wouldn't like to see these tears streaming down my face
And though your time on earth may have come to an end,
God grant you peace and love eternal, my dearest Jadawin.

--In loving memory of Bri, aka "Jadawin"
(Taken from us by a drunk driver 6/19/98)


....A red rose for you, Bri....since I never got to give you one back...~S~

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