"Liberty is not freedom when we are forced to surrender our rights in the name of security.  For Freedom's sake -- help us stop terrorism NOW !!!"
-- Mark Chryson, Chairman, Alaskan Independence Party


"You MISSED America"

 a letter to terrorists.



To the terrorists:
You managed to score direct hits on both buildings of the World Trade Center, but you MISSED America.
You managed  score a direct hit on our primary military center, the Pentagon, but you MISSED America.
You used our own resources against us to hurt us, and you STILL MISSED America.
You see, America is not only flesh and blood, it is not only steel and concrete and buildings. Those things CAN be hurt and destroyed. But our spirit and resolve can NOT. America is hope, and ingenuity, and support for each other. We WILL band together, stronger than ever.
America WILL heal. America will NOT forget this cowardly act.
Your actions may have caused damage, but not only to US. You have now ignited an uprising of support FOR America from people and governments around the world, and AGAINST terrorism, the likes of which hasn't been seen before.
In short, you have fouled your own nest, and your reign of terror against innocent people is soon to end.
Oh, by the way, you MISSED AMERICA !!
Sincerely, (one finger up)
American Citizen

People have compassion.....terrorists don't.....


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