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STOCKING-ENSIGN =========================================================================== Husband: John Jay STOCKING born: 14 Apr. 1806 place: Westfield, (Hampden), MA marr: 11 Apr. 1832 place: Westfield, (Hampden), MA died: 23 Oct. 1870 ? place: Herriman, (Salt Lake), UT buried: place: Herriman, (Salt Lake), UT Husband's Father: Israel Stocking Husband's Mother: Rosanna Harrison Husband's Other Wives: (2) 20 Oct. 1841 Harriet Ensign (3) sld 3 Sep. 1873 EH Elizabeth Appleton (4) sld 3 Sep. 1873 EH Pereis Stubbins (Percy Stebins?) =========================================================================== Wife: (1) Catherine Emeline ENSIGN born: 4 Dec. 1809 place: Westfield, (Hampden), MA died: 24 Feb. 1841 place: Westfield, (Hampden), MA buried: place: Wife's Father: Isaac Ensign, Jr. Wife's Mother: Mary Bryant =========================================================================== CHILDREN =========================================================================== #1 Jeremiah Reubin Stocking born: 20 Mar. 1833 place: Westfield, (Hampden), MA marr: 13 Oct. 1873 place: died: 11 Sep. 1901 place: buried: place: spouse: Mary Jane Maynard --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #2 Angeline Ameret Stocking born: 11 Sep. 1834 place: Westfield, (Hampden), MA marr: 30 Nov. 1854 place: died: 28 Feb. 1904 place: buried: place: spouse: William Hamlin Freeman --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #3 *ENSIGN ISRAEL STOCKING* born: 6 Sep. 1836 place: Westfield, (Hampden), MA marr: 18 Apr. 1863 place: died: 11 Jul. 1883 place: buried: place: spouse: (1) Elizabeth Ellen Arnold Other Marriages: (2) Apr. 1876 (time only) Emma Cook --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #4 Sarah Delight Stocking born: 26 Jul. 1839 place: Canton, (Hartford), CT marr: 31 Jul. 1857 place: died: 28 May 1906 place: buried: place: spouse: Wilford Woodruff --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #5 Catherine Emeline Stocking born: 15 Dec. 1840 place: Westfield, (Hampden), MA marr: place: died: 15 Oct. 1847 place: buried: place: spouse: ===========================================================================
Information Source for this page: Record submitted by: Myrtle R. Egan, Pocatello, ID 83201 Notes of Interest: MY note: How is recorded date of death (1870) for John Jay Stocking possible if he took two more wives in 1873? Note on back of family group sheet: "Addition to marr of John Jay Stocking On 3 Sept 1873 (EH Slg GS#25165 pt19 Bk I p114 #1359) John J. Stocking was sld to Elizabeth Appleton (listed as 2 cousin to proxy Sarah Delight S. Woodruff on Mt Bap Rec (GS#170387) pp99 #3574) and Pereis Stubbins (Percy Stebins)(and friend to proxy Sarah Delight S. Woodruff on MT Bap Rec (GS#170387) p99 #3576. Harriet Ensign Stocking, Jeremiah Reubin Stocking, Angeline Ameret Stocking Freeman were doing family slg that day also though, no specific proxy's were listed under this entry. Rulon H. Stocking, 1385 Gilmer Drive, SLC, UT. It will be hereafter referred to as Bible. Husb John Jay Stocking born Westfield, Hampden, Mass Vitals (GS#25431) p352 (orig) chr 6 July 1806 lists the father as Amasa Stocking. An extensive search of available records gives no definitive answer to the parentage problem. Amasa's 1820 census does not list a son under 10-16 years, the age John Jay would have been. Neither I nor a professional researcher in Mass have been able to find guardianship papers filed for John Jay or younger brothers after the deaths of his father or mother, assuming the parents were Israel and Rosanna Stocking. John Jay claims Israel and Rosanna Stocking as parents and names children after them and his sister Amanda. Unless we find further positive proof that Amasa was indeed his father, I think we should stay with the parents he claimed. (Elaine M. F. Speakman, Mt. Pleasant, UT) As an additional sidelight, Amasa and Israel were 1st cousins, their fathers being sons of George Stocking born 16 Aug 1702. Wife (1) Catherine Emeline Ensign In Bible, given name spelled as Katherine Child #5 Catherine Emeline Stocking In Bible, given name spelled Katherine Emeline En Stocking, death place as Pottawattamie.

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