lights poisonous plants

A Safe Cat is an INside Cat

Well, duh, this one is easy....guess what???
I'm keeping the the hubby off our
paws if ya want, gals.....LOL*
Cats don't "SAY", they "ARE"...

In ALL SERIOUSNESS, please don't EVER offer
to give away any animal FREE to a stranger !!
Not a cat, a dog, not even your husband.....
Make sure you thoroughly check out the new home
and keep in regular contact for at least the first
year until you are satisfied that it is a good,
loving, caring home for your pet !

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  • This is NOT a SMOKE-FREE website, YET, sowwee....Working on it, ok?
  • There is most likely cat hair in the keyboard, so please excuse any typos, & tell me if you find any?????
  • It is very likely there may be some dry humor in these pages, please, enter at your own risk.
  • I proudly display the following awards, of which my site is so deserving:

Welcome to the Kitty Kove...~S~
(Yes, I CAN be a pain....LOL*
& a thorn in some sides !)

......if you've been following the progress of my pages, you will see that the site is coming along nicely. If you have been here before, please check out all the new pages !!

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