FILLY's Pedigree......

3/4/2000.....The trees are finally done, yet not
fully linked on each one to view.
Soon, names from the trees will be linked to the family
group sheets as well.

Tree 1 Surnames: Stocking, Mecham, Egan, Damien, Wood, Henson, Hart
Tree 2 Surnames: Egan, Preator, Kidd, Moultrie or Moultree, Carr, Roughan or Rougham
Tree 3 Surnames: Stocking, Ensign, Arnold, James, Shields, Dow, Cardy or Carday
Tree 4 Surnames: Bryant, Ensign, Harrison, Stocking
Tree 5 Surnames: Mecham, Tuttle, Giles, Kingman, Foote, Stevens, McIntosh, Raymond, Peterson
Tree 6 Surnames: Blair, Foote, Patterson, McIntosh, McKenzie
Tree 7 Surnames: Basford, Mecham, Clinton, Giles, Tuttle, Bowden, Friday, Kingman
Tree 8 Surnames: Dennis, Raymond, Spencer, Stevens, Peterson
Tree 9 Surnames: Ashmore, Henson, Smith, Whitley
Tree 10 Surnames: Ashmore, Smith, Whitley
Tree 11 Surnames: Burke, Damien, Wood

Thank you for your patience....researching, building,
and holding down a full and a part time job makes things
a little hectic sometimes !

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