TIP !!
(Personal tip)

....Instead of using ham in your favorite bean or pea soup recipe, try using smoked sausage or kielbasa. Cut it into chunks & brown first, if desired.....

TIP !!
(...from Celeste, Texas)

....Instead of using whole or low-fat milk to make gravy, use sweetened, condensed milk. They said it makes a much sweeter, richer gravy.....~S~

You may click on a recipe below to see it.....the next and back links from that page will take you to others in that category. More recipes are being added every day. I raided Mom's recipe box one February....all of these, except for my own creations, were written in her handwriting... GUESS WHAT? Recipes CAN'T be copyrighted !! Let me clarify that -- The book they are published in may be copyrighted, as to it's design, layout, publisher, etc., but it is pretty hard to prove who actually invented one of these old favorite recipes !! Just remember to give credit where credit is due, and everything should work out ok........

Last updated 10/7/2003, please understand that this is a work in progress.......

Main Dishes
Filly's Fajitas Deep Fried Turkey Mama Mic's Calizone Ring
Italian Herb Chicken Chile Relleno Casserole Taco Casserole
Chicken Scampi Tamale Pie Killer Enchiladas
Chicken Enchiladas Red Chili Mama's Meatballs
Breakfast Casserole Elephant Stew *********

Orange Stuff Cream Soup Base Everything Soup
Albondigas Soup Tortilla Soup Split Pea Soup

Pumpkin Bread Strawberry Bread Wine Dough For A Holiday Ham
Mexican Corn Bread Barbara Lee's Garlic Bread *********
Bread Machine Recipes
Smokey Cheddar Bread Pumpkin Pecan Bread Pepperoni Pizza Bread
Sourdough French Bread Bagels Bread Soup Bowls

Dips / Appetizers
Spinach Dips Mexican Bean Dips Cheddar-Bacon Dip
Mexican Salsas Pesto Dip Guacamole Dip

Wacky Cake Christa's Sticky Buns Peanut Butter Pie
Holiday Pumpkin Pie Pecan Pie Vanilla Cream Pie
Carrot Cake StrawBARRY Crunch Cherry Dump Cake
Watermelon Cake ********* *********

Side Dishes
Fried Green Tomatoes Corn Fritters Hushpuppies
Corn Pudding ********* *********

Texas Trash Snack Mix Granola *********
********* ********* *********

Snickerdoodles Mincemeat Cookies Molasses Sugar Cookies
Bev's Bar Cookies Chocolate Crackles *********

Recipe For A Happy Home Carl's Rub Chive Blossom Butter
Play Dough ********* *********

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