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really began Saturday night, May 27.
After a 4 hour layover in Seattle, we were MORE than happy to
get back on a plane and continue NORTH TO ALASKA.
I will never forget how we got on that plane in Seattle at 9 PM
that night, and as we flew north, the sky kept getting
brighter, as if it was dawn already !
My friend and web partner met us at the airport, at 12:30 AM
.....as in Midnight-thirty.  He brought for us a huge package
each of smoked salmon and caribou sausage.....for 
snackers in the room !  Ahh, Alaskan hospitality !!
He (we later found out he was teasing),  pointed out on the 
horizon where they put the smokers in our hotel, GRRRRR...



After reading the video cam instructions, (borrowed from my
son), on how to charge the power pack, we tucked in for a 
few hours sleep.  You might imagine how hard this was, still 
wired from the all-day plane ride, no darker than dusk 
outside,  and just itching to explore !
First, we had to get back out to the airport, to get our 
wheels.  Then, since downtown Anchorage is a maze of one-
way streets, we just drove up one & down the next, to get 
ourselves oriented........and to figure out how to turn off the 
darned windshield wipers on the rental car ! Chuckling.....


Wow, Anchorage is a HUGE place !!


We played typical tourists, visiting gift shops, furriers, 
landmarks and exhibits, including:  The Earthquake Exhibit, 
Sky Song, and David Green, Master Furrier.
We ate lunch at a place called Blondies', and liked it so well 
that we went back for breakfast when next in Anchorage.


Mom playing tourist.
We bought most of our souvenirs for family and friends, while 
we still had money, Sunday.   And so, we got to haul them 
around for the rest of the trip, sheesh.
While I did end up buying two ULU knives, I still regret not 
buying that mosquito skinner - I think that would work great
here in Oklahoma !
We finally called it a day, and went back to our motel room to
rest up for Monday's activities.  On a schedule already 
packed to the brim, my friend from AK added one more item
to the list.....a visit to the Matanuska Glacier !


 Join us on our journey !


By Day By Location


Sunday Matanuska Glacier
Monday Portage Glacier
Tuesday Big Game Alaska
Wednesday Whittier
Thursday Prince William Sound
Friday Kenai Peninsula
Trapper Creek


Alaska Facts
Denali Chugach Range
Approximate Driving Distances
COOL Alaska links


is the largest city in Alaska.   With a 1998 population of 
621,400 residents, nearly half of the state’s residents live in 
On Good Friday, March 27, 1964 the most powerful earthquake 
in United States history struck Anchorage and the South 
Central coast and measured 9.2 on the Richter Scale.  I hope 
to soon have a page devoted to the life-changing event.
The Chugach Range
extends along the Gulf of Alaska from Seward to Cape 
Suckling, and frames Anchorage with its beauty and teeming 
wildlife.  Covering more than 5,400,000 acres, it contains over 
3500 miles of coastline, with the ever present wildlife, glaciers 
and inlets. 



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