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Don't get me started.  Let me first say that we did not see
any wild meese during our entire visit, even though we drove
hundreds of miles through so-called "ideal moose habitat."


All the brochures SHOUT at you:  "4000 moose roam freely
all over the Kenai Peninsula....." -- my strained and aching
red eyes disagree with that statement.    Perhaps the mooses
were all on strike the week we were there.


Even though the second day we were there, the Anchorage
paper printed, on the front page, a picture of a cow moose
and her TWIN calves in a back yard in South Anchorage.
Even though my web partner taunted me daily with his
'moose sightings' on his way to & from Anchorage to visit
us.  Even though two days after I got home, my partner sent
via e-mail two pictures (below) of yet another cow & 
calf in Anchorage, taken by respected Alaskan  
photographer, Tearie Skerrit.



The only meese WE saw on our whole trip were inside a 
corral at Big Game Alaska, eating breakfast from inside a 
HORSE trailer !


I say the notion of moose in Alaska is all a publicity stunt, 
dreamed up by the Alaskan Tourism Bureau, to lure us 
greenhorn tourists there and make us spend more of our

hard earned dollars there, buying moose souvenirs to take

home, since we have no memories or photographs of 
sightings to take home with us.


I truly believe that the awesome pictures of moose that 
end up on the front pages of Alaskan papers & in magazines
are somewhat staged.  The 'stars' of the pics, the mooses, 
are hired in from Canada, where I believe they really DO 

have meese, if only because I haven't been to Canada 

yet and haven't NOT seen any mooses there.


Alaskan mooses, (if there really ARE such things,) had 
plenty of opportunities to show themselves....they did NOT.


I also believe that the three mooses we saw at Big Game
Alaska, eating hay out of that horse trailer, were unlucky
Canadian National Mooses.  In trying to escape Canada, 
they were captured and imprisoned in Alaska.  I swear I
could see the maple leaf branded on their a...err, hip.


Further, I believe that the numerous piles of so-called

'moose poop' are shipped in FROM Canada, and conveniently
dropped by the cupfuls, ok, the bucketfuls, at all the many
tourist attractions and road-side turnouts.  The fact that
the piles happen to be in close proximity to broken 
branches, mipped-off greenery, and huge patches where the 
grass is flattened is a mere coincidence.  It merely shows 
what some talented people will do to encourage the tourist 
trade in some places.


On the plus side, Alaskan tourist shops DO have some 
awesome moose souvenirs......caps, shirts, magnets, a 
moose t...err, pellet in a jar, mooses on ivory, mooses on 
postcards, stuffed mooses, mooses EVERYWHERE but where 
we could see them -- naturally in the wild.......laughing.


...The little one is LAFFIN' at me.......GRRRRRrrr.......


 Join us on our journey !


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Sunday Matanuska Glacier
Monday Portage Glacier
Tuesday Big Game Alaska
Wednesday Whittier
Thursday Prince William Sound
Friday Kenai Peninsula
Trapper Creek


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