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found us heading north of Anchorage, through the town of 
Palmer and then some 60 miles north of that.  We followed the 
Matanuska River to its source, past still ice-locked lakes, 
up winding roads, and across a huge valley, to the base of
the Matanuska Glacier.  
I took the picture used for the background in the above banner 

across the valley from the glacier !

The Matanuska Glacier


Once there, we hiked up over a low rise and then down to the 
valley floor, where the glacier melt started the river.  Even 
though we were standing on a huge field of ice, with icy water
swiftly rushing past us, I was not cold.  The dry air of Alaska's
glacier fields seems to just drain the cold right along with 
moisture from the air.  On our way down, we saw where moose
had eaten newly budding tender branches & bush shoots to 
the ground........moose are on my list, more on that later.


Filly on glacier

Slammin' on the brakes !


We hiked back up to the car, got back to the highway, then  
drove another mile north, for lunch.  (I need to get the names
of all these neat places we stopped at to eat!)


Trail leading down to the glacier

 The trail down to the glacier...

Ice-locked lake, fed by the Matanuska River.

found us heading back down the mountain,  to Wasilla, 
home to my web partner, and the Iditarod Trail Headquarters
and Museum.  Mark had told me it wouldn't take 15 minutes
to see the entire museum, and he was very close !



I guess I was just expecting for Doug Swingley, (this year's 

race winner) to walk up, introduce himself & offer to take me 
for a sled dog ride, LOL*


From there, it was back to Mark's house, and a tour of his 
grounds.  On the walk back to his garden, we noticed several 
piles of moose sh....cr.....err, droppings.  HE claims to have
moose in his own backyard !  More on moose later......grrrrrr..
those critters are on my list !  


Mother dug up a baggie from the car, and asked Mark to 
gather her some sh.....err, droppings.  For a souvenir?  to 
spray paint gold for Christmas decorations?  Not sure, but 
that baggie of sh.....err, droppings graced the dash of the 
rental car for the rest of the trip, LOL*


From Wasilla, it was on the road again, back through 
Anchorage, and 40 more miles south, along the Turnagain 
Arm and the tracks of the Alaska Railroad,  to Girdwood and
Aleyska Ski Lodge & Resort.....in preparation for Tuesday's
cruise of Prince William Sound !


Turnagin Arm

 Alaska Railroad tracks

Aleyska -- View from our room


 Join us on our journey !


By Day By Location


Sunday Matanuska Glacier
Monday Portage Glacier
Tuesday Big Game Alaska
Wednesday Whittier
Thursday Prince William Sound
Friday Kenai Peninsula
Trapper Creek


Alaska Facts
Denali Chugach Range
Approximate Driving Distances
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The Matanuska Glacier
is the largest road-accessible glacier.  Measuring roughly 
27 miles long, and 4 miles wide, it is one of the very few in 
Alaska that you can actually walk up to and hike on.
A young New Hampshire man fell to his death there last year.
It is presumed he fell down one of the many abyss' or 
sinkholes there, as his body was never found.



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