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found us at Blondie's again, for breakfast.  After chow, we 
did some last minute souvenir shopping, and I bought my 
ULU knives and a whole bag of fur scraps to use in my 

I assigned Mom suitcase packing duty, left her stuck at the 

motel, and Mark and I went around Anchorage, stocking up on 

computer supplies for his business, hoping to meet more of
the people I've built pages for up there, and I needed the
real version of a graphics program I've come to LOVE !!


Mark wanted to drive out to show me the Dall Sheep that we 
never really got to see between Anchorage and Aleyska.  Back
to the motel we went, to get my cameras.....and then back 
south towards Girdwood.  We drove south along the Turnagain
Arm to a place called Indian.  Parking the car in a turnout, Mark
disappeared up the mountainside on a wooded trail, while I 
stayed on the flat and took waterfall pictures.  



waterfall at Turnagain Arm


waterfall at Turnagain Arm

I thought I had snuck safely back to the car to grab a quick 

cigarette, when he came trotting back down the mountainside.
"Hurry up, I thought you wanted to see the sheep!"


Trail up the cliff

Trail up the mountain......


Huffing & puffing, I trailed him up the cliff.  As we stopped on 
a flat, (only for him to look around, no time for me to catch a 
breath), he said, "There were THREE sheep RIGHT HERE when 
I came down to get you !"  (Ya, right.)


Filly on the mountain

 Where the sheep supposedly live.......

Had to check these trails out --they were FUN to run on  !

Filly running the trails


Mark kept pointing to all these little white spots on the mountain,
swearing to me that they were Dall Sheep.  I actually thought I 
saw one move one time, but I could have been hallucinating from 
both lack of oxygen and wanting to see them so badly.
Actually, by this time, I was more interested in the view of the
Turnagain Arm from so much higher off the roadway !  I was 
now looking for whales, porpoises.....even high water would have 
been nice, since we arrived again at low tide.


Filly on the beach


Aw well, still, a beautiful beach......and level ground for a change !


Stream running into Turnagain Arm


Dinner this night was something Mom had been dying for the
entire trip -  seafood at a little tourist looking place with great
prices called the Salmon Bake.  I could barely eat my huge plate
full of shrimp for all the crab legs on both sides of me......Mom had
the King Crab and Mark had the Snow Crab....."craaaaaaaacck.....
chomp......craaaaaack......crunch......chomp......"  LOL*


Extremely worn out and in total awe of the beauty of this vast 
frontier, we were driven back to the motel to rest up and make final
preparations to leave that night.  Mark had to get back home, 40
some miles away, and we had to head out as well, to our separate 
homes thousands of miles from here.  


We were very lucky, we had beautiful weather, we saw beautiful 
sights, and met many wonderful people.  I'd heard that going to 
Alaska was the trip of a lifetime.......and while it was, I do plan to
go back someday, if only to bug my web partner and friend, LOL*


If you look on a regular sized road atlas......the parts of Alaska
we saw all fit under my thumb.....while the entire state is as big
as my palm......I've only begun to see Alaska......


Yes, Alaska truly IS the last frontier !!


 Join us on our journey !
By Day By Location


Sunday Matanuska Glacier
Monday Portage Glacier
Tuesday Big Game Alaska
Wednesday Whittier
Thursday Prince William Sound
Friday Kenai Peninsula
Trapper Creek


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that reach the sea are called tidewater glaciers, while 
those that end in lakes are called freshwater glaciers



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