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  • The typical male in the lower 48 states is 32 years old, while the typical Alaskan male is 29 years old.
  • Alaska has the highest percentage of males in any state, approximately 52 %.
  • Seen on a t-shirt in Alaska:  "Alaska males:  the odds are good, but the 'goods' are odd"


     Alaska Symbols, Information and Trivia:
  • Capitol:               Juneau
  • Sport:                  Dog Mushing
  • High Point:          Mount McKinley (Denali)
  • Motto:                 North To The Future
  • Tree:                   Sitka Spruce
  • Song:                   Alaska Flag Song
  • Bird:                    Ptarmigan     (some say mosquito)
  • Fish:                    King Salmon
  • Flower:                Forget-Me-Not
  • Mineral:               Gold
  • Gem:                    Jade
  • Nickname:           The Great Land
  • Biggest Rivers:    Yukon, Chandler, Colville, Copper,          Kobuk, Koyakuk, Noatak, Kuskokwim, Porcupine, Sheenjek, Susitna, and Tanana.


  • Alaska became the 49th state in the union January 3, 1959.


What they say the critters look like:

                              Dall Sheep Dall Sheep


                           Dall's Porpoise Dall's Porpoise Illustration
Kodiak Bear

Kodiak Bear

                                  Puffins Puffins
Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

                              Musk Oxen Musk Oxen
Otter in Barry Arm



How Far from HERE to THERE?


From  To Distance
Anchorage Wasilla   42  miles
Anchorage Girdwood   40  miles
Anchorage Fairbanks  358 miles
Anchorage Whittier   58  miles
Anchorage Seward  126 miles
Anchorage Talkeetna  113 miles
Anchorage Valdez  304 miles
Anchorage Kenai  137 miles
Anchorage Denali National Park  236 miles


Yes, Alaska is truly the last frontier !!


 Join us on our journey !


By Day By Location


Sunday Matanuska Glacier
Monday Portage Glacier
Tuesday Big Game Alaska
Wednesday Whittier
Thursday Prince William Sound
Friday Kenai Peninsula
Trapper Creek


Alaska Facts
Denali Chugach Range
Approximate Driving Distances
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