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for information, efforts, pictures, lake applet, etc.


First and foremost, to God above for creating such a 
beautiful, rugged and awe-inspiring land, and for stocking 
it with the beautiful creatures and wonderful people 
abounding there.


Thank you MOM, for sharing the wonderful experience, and all 
the little hassles and headaches that go with such a trip.


Thank you Mark, my good friend and web partner, for being 

our tour guide and 'insider' on this trip.  Thank you, also,

for hosting these pages !



Thank you, Janet, Jeff and family for transportation to & 
from the airport, and for keeping Mom's dog for her.
Thank you Rick & Jim & Arlene, for MY transportation to & 
from the airport here.


For the lake applet used on the Kenai page, thanks to:

Donna's Retreat



Alaska's Flag midi


For the outstanding tour of Prince William Sound, thank you, 

Prince William Sound Tours & Cruises.


Thank you, American Airlines, for getting us there, safely 
and on time.


Except as noted specifically, all images and composites of 
images on these pages belong exclusively to me, and are

There are a few images that were obtained with the belief

that they are public domain.  If you find such a pic that is
NOT public domain, please e-mail me, and I will correct
it at once.


Numerous tour sites, maps, and encyclopedias were 
used in gathering the facts for this site.  Those with web 
sites, you can find on the links page.


I am extremely grateful to all who played any part in this 
wonderful trip, and if I've missed someone, please, don't 
hesitate to let me know !!


 Join us on our journey !


By Day By Location


Sunday Matanuska Glacier
Monday Portage Glacier
Tuesday Big Game Alaska
Wednesday Whittier
Thursday Prince William Sound
Friday Kenai Peninsula
Trapper Creek


Alaska Facts
Denali Chugach Range
Approximate Driving Distances
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