March 15/16, 2000

American Airlines Flight Academy
And Conference Center
Orientation Class

"I AM American Airlines"

Our Classroom:

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From there, we went through the atrium to tour the Flight Academy, where we saw flight simulators, the SOC, and stewardess training areas.

atrium1a.jpg - 7050 Bytes aatrium1a.jpg - 5792 Bytes

Time to "smoke if you got 'em".....

atriumb1a.jpg - 9906 Bytes

The second day, we got to tour the C.R. Smith museum....

crs11a.jpg - 7594 Bytes

crsfront1a.jpg - 7130 Bytes crs21a.jpg - 7666 Bytes

Even in the movie theater, we had first class seats !

movie1a.jpg - 3229 Bytes

The only picture I could get of the SOC came from the museum....those people were WORKING in there !

soc1a.jpg - 11907 Bytes

The American Airlines flagship was restored by a talented bunch of employees and now rests in its own hangar at the C.R. Smith museum:

flagship1a.jpg - 10950 Bytes

Between classes and for meals, we sat out in the open air, enjoying the view & the people !

view1a.jpg - 5629 Bytes view1b.jpg - 10197 Bytes

view1c.jpg - 6299 Bytes view1d.jpg - 7838 Bytes

One touching moment for me was when a policeman saw me taking pics with the digital camera.
He came over & asked if I would take his pic and e-mail it to his wife -- as he was about to be shipped out to Bosnia or Kosovo.... and he wouldn't see her for a long time.
As that might have been an "official police request", I sent the picture the night I got hoping to hear some details back from the wife.

striper11a.jpg - 8604 Bytes

I wanted to take more pictures, including the entrances to the complex. However, it was a very FAST two the time class was out on the second day, we barely had time to grab our bags & jump on the bus for the airport...the only "hurry up & wait" part of the whole trip !

EVERYONE should have the opportunity to see this place, and enjoy & share the wonderful and helpful people, the atmosphere and comfort of the American Airlines Flight Academy & Conference Center. It sure made me believe..... ...especially after seeing OUR class in the new slide show they made !

"I AM American Airlines !"

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